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checkboxAre behind on payments

We are living in a tough economy these days; a lot of Americans are falling behind on their house payments. This can be very stressful and often folks will put off doing anything to fix the situation because they feel like there aren’t any options. Quite frankly, it is easy to feel trapped and often solutions are not sought out simply because focusing on the problem creates even more anxiety. But waiting too long to take action only compounds the situation. In many cases people end up losing their houses at the franklin county sheriff sale, right here in Columbus, Ohio. The fact is that this can be avoided, and your credit does not need to be destroyed in the process. We are here to tell you that there are options, and selling your house fast to an investor who is able to pay cash, may be a viable one for you. It doesn’t cost anything to speak with us, and if we think we are not the best option for you, we will do our best to guide you in the right direction.

checkboxTired of being a landlord

Are you tired of dealing with tenants and toilets? The rental business can take its toll on a person, we know from experience! We understand that there can come a time when landlords get burned out on the business and all the issues that can arise. Anything from dealing with unreliable tenants, trashed units, rough neighborhoods, clogged toilets, routine maintenance, etc. And boy it can go from cash flow to money pit very quickly. Also, trying to manage a property from out of state can be an absolute nightmare. If any of this sounds familiar and you are fed up with being a landlord, maybe we should speak. We have the ability to buy your house or houses for cash here in Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding area. We can purchase ‘as is’ so you don’t have to worry about making repairs and if it’s rented already we can buy with the tenants in place so you don’t have to worry about asking them to move out. If you need or want to sell your rental property or portfolio fast, we may be the solution for you!

checkboxInherited a property

Unfortunately, this is an issue that most folks have to worry about at some point along the line. It can compound an already sad and emotionally draining period in our lives. Losing a loved one is extremely overwhelming as it is, without the added stress of settling an estate. Many times, it is too difficult to keep dealing with the house emotionally. In some situations. there aren’t monies for repairs, or the trusted resources available to complete them. You may even be out of state, making it even more difficult to try to facilitate the sale of the house or rental portfolio that you have inherited. If and when you are looking to resolve the estate quickly and would prefer a cash offer and fast sale, we are here to help. We have helped many people in similar situations where we agreed on a price we all felt was fair, and moved forward and closed quickly helping to alleviate some stress in a tough time.

checkboxCode Violations or Environmental Foreclosure

The city can be harsh when it comes to code violations and property maintenance. Sometimes the issues in question aren’t even highly noticeable to neighbors or people who aren’t in the business. Yet the city can and will impose fines that can end up running up a high bill for property owners, especially if you do not have the finances to bring everything up to code. Being absentee and out of state can compound these issues. Fine and charges for weed and waste removal are even imposed if your lawncare people aren’t actually doing their jobs. If the violations are severe enough, the fines get high enough or if the property is considering a blight to the area, the city may even file an environmental foreclosure. In many cases they impose harsh unreasonable daily fines until you comply or they tear down the property and then foreclose on the land. The city of Columbus will work will owners, but if you don’t have the resources or funds to complete the needed repairs or code improvements, it may not matter. In this case you may benefit by selling fast to an investor. We have the ability to pay you cash and buy your house quickly. We also know the right people to speak with at the city to buy some time and reduce the fines as long as we purchase the property and bring everything up to code. If you are dealing with problems with the city please don’t put off contacting us, we can help!

Behind on Property Taxes

Property taxes are a frustrating expense to deal with as you don’t really ever own your house even when it is free and clear as you have to pay what feels like rent to the government in the form of property taxes. If you fall too far behind on your property taxes, the county can and will initiate a tax foreclosure and your house could end up being sold in a sale. There is a redemption period, but you have to pay the balance plus interest to the tax lien holder, and at some point, the property will be sold of taxes aren’t paid current. You may be able to get on a payment plan with the county but this is not financially an option for everyone. I see too many cases where folks had equity in a house and they lost it at the sale. This should not happen, if you cannot afford to get caught up, there is an option. You could try listing with a Realtor, but if you are pressed for time this may not be the best option. If you need to move fast, contacting an investor with the resources to close quickly and pay cash might be the best option to sell your house before it’s too late. We are happy to speak with you and go over your options with you to see of you can help!

checkboxUnsuccessful bankruptcy/Foreclosure

You might be in a situation where you are trying to avoid foreclosure and save your house by filing bankruptcy. This can be a useful tool to avoid losing your property. However, bankruptcies are not always successful and your house might end up in danger of going to the sale if something cannot be worked out. Most of the time the goal of this going route would be to remain in the home. If it is not successful though, you may be able to save some of your equity by selling fast and avoiding foreclosure. An experienced investor can help people to avoid the sheriff sale by buying the house with cash and even potentially buying the extra time needed to complete the closing process and payoff. If you do not have equity and cannot remain in the house, we may be able to at least keep a foreclosure off of your credit and clear out the negative equity by doing what is called a short payoff or short sale. This is when the bank accepts less than the balance of what is owed to pay off the mortgage on the property. We are experienced with this and can help you determine if your property is a candidate for short sale. Whatever you do if you find yourself in this situation please do not wait until the last minute to contact us, it is a lot harder for us to help if the house is very close to going to the sale. But we will certainly try if it’s possible, just move as fast as you can.


No one wants to go through a divorce and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. Yet as we know, it does happen to about half of us at one time or another. The longer and more drawn out the process becomes, the more stressed and exhausted both people can become. If there is real estate involved, this can really convolute and prolong the dissolution and settlement process. It can potentially be beneficial to sell to a cash buyer. This way the sale of house or houses can be done quickly and closed with cash. If you end up in this situation in greater Columbus and need a fast exit, we can help you get it done and without the traffic caused by an MLS listing and of course you won’t have to pay a commission or put a sign in your yard.

checkboxJust need a quick cash sale


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